Don Fortner


(Tune: Holy Spirit,Faithful Guide #169 77.77D)


Sinners saved by sovereign grace,

Calv'rys wonders let us trace:

God is just and gracious too,

Hiding all our sins from view.

Christ has put our sins away,

Buried in the deepest sea,

Cast them all behind God's back!

Who can ever bring them back?


O my soul, the wonder tell,

Jesus has done all things well!

By His sin atoning blood,

I am reconciled to God.

Justice, mercy, truth and love,

Every attribute of God,

Joined to make salvation sure

And my ransomed soul secure.


Love, amazing love, so free,

Brought Christ down to die for me.

All my foes He has dispelled,

Conquered satan, death and hell.

What a sure foundation this!

Rest, my soul, forever rest.

By my Savior's precious blood

I'm accepted with my God.