Don Fortner


Let sinners saved by grace

Their songs to Jesus raise:

Our sins by blood He did erase,

And we will sing His praise!

Our Savior gave us life

And He has faithful been,

Preserving us amid all strife

His daily grace we've seen!

Though in our sin we lay,

Lost, helpless and defiled,

God's love and grace had fixed the day

We must be reconciled:

He would not let us die,

T'hough we despised His name:

Kept as the apple of His eye,

His love remained the same.


And though we wandered on

In sin from place to place,

Our steps Christ ordered from His throne:

He saved us by His grace!

Now, though we're weak and frail,

And prone to every sin,

Our Savior's grace and pow'r prevail,

And we're secure in Him.


Christ, Who chose us in love,

And bought us with His blood,

Reigns as our Surety above,

And He will do us good:

He will not leave His own,

Nor let His own leave Him:

Our Lord will bring us to His throne

To ever be with Him!


(Tune: Soldiers of Christ, Arise)

Short Meter Double 66.86.D