Sermon #1051          Miscellaneous Sermons                                                   


          Title:       “THIS IS MY COMFORT”

          Text:       Psalm 119:50

          Scripture Reading: Psalm 27

          Subject:  Comfort Found in the Word of God

          Date:       Tuesday Evening – November 10, 1992




Every believer’s experience echoes David’s words, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous.” The path to the kingdom of God is a path that leads us through much tribulations. Yet in the midst of sorrow, trouble and tribulation God’s saints are kept in grace and are taught to be gracious. No mere man was ever more severely tried in faith than the apostle Paul. Yet, even when he was imprisoned at Rome, awaiting execution, this servant of God learned to be content and to rejoice in the Lord – (Phil. 4:11).


Paul had learned to look upon his earthly woes in the light of grace and eternity. Therefore he spoke of his many, constant, heavy trials as light and momentary (II Cor. 4:17-5:1). I am convinced that we would not be half so disturbed by our afflictions as we now are, we would not allow our trouble to disrupt our lives and spread gloom over our hearts, if we could simply learn, by the grace of God, to look upon all our earthly troubles in the light of grace and eternity. All our afflictions are indeed “light afflictions” when compared with

…What We Deserve!

…What Others Have Suffered Before Us!

…What Christ Suffered as Our Substitute!

…The Glory That Awaits Us!


I do not pretend to know the bitterness of your heart, when you are pressed with great trouble. The wise man says, “The heart knoweth his own bitterness” (Pro. 14:10). However, I do know something about troubles, trials, and tribulations in this world. I do know what bitterness is. And I know that

…The Cause of My Trouble is My God (Heb. 12:5-12).

…The Object of God in My Trouble is My Everlasting Good.

…The Only Source of Comfort for My Soul in Time of Trouble Is The Word of God – (Ps. 119:50). “This Is My Comfort.”




God has given his Word for the comfort of his people in this world (Rom. 15:4); And we cannot find comfort in time of trouble anywhere else.

·        The Worldling seeks his comfort in the things of the world; but the believer turns to the Book of God and says, “This is my comfort” (Ps. 4:4-8).

·        David does not say “That is my comfort, as if he were pointing to something far off, but “This is my comfort,” as grasping it and holding to his heart.

·        What he says here is addressed to God. It is expressed in the form of prayer and praise. He is pleading in prayer, that which he had enjoyed, mercy and grace he had already received.


I.  The Singular Source of The Believer’s Comfort To The Word of God – (v. 49).


David says, “This is my comfort in my affliction; for thy Word hath quickened me.”


A.  In time of trouble we find our comfort in the written volume of Holy Scripture.


Illustration: Paul in Rome (II Tim. 4:13).


1.     The Promises of the Word (II Cor. 1:20; Ps. 23).

2.     The Record of God’s Goodness (Ps. 77:5-10).

3.     The Power of the Word – “Where the Word of the King is there is power.” (Eccles. 8:4).

4.     The Doctrines of The Word.

o      Divine Sovereignty.

o      Substitutionary Redemption.

o      Divine Providence – “Providence is God’s attention concentrated everywhere”- C.D. Cole.


B.  As we turn to The Word of God we find comfort in our experience of The Word.


Thy Word hath quickened me!” David had, in the past, experienced the quickening, life giving power of The Word.


1.     Raising him from Death to Life (Ps. 116:8).

2.     Raising him from Apathy to Zeal – (Ps. 119:67).

3.     Raising him from Despair to Hope – (Ps. 42:5-8).


C.  Child of God, when your soul is heavy and troubled seek to The Word of God for your comfort.

·        In Your Closet.

·        In the House of God.


1.     It will take your heart away from the world.

2.     It will lead you to God in prayer (Heb. 4:16).

3.     It will humble you and make your spirit tender.

4.     It will direct you to Christ.

Illustration: The dying believer – “Speak to me now in Scripture language alone. I can trust the words of God; but when they are the words of man, it cost me effort to think whether I may trust them.”

Illustration: Spurgeon – “What comfort it was to me! The Word revived me. I was not dead to it’s influence!”


II.  Whatever Your Trial Is, You will Find the Comfort You Need In The Word of God.


Read the context in which our text is found. David found The Word of God sufficient to meet his every need.


A.  When hope was deferred, the Word caused him to hope on (v. 49; Lam. 3:22-26).


B.  When affliction brought him down, The Word of God quickened him (v. 50).


C.  When scorners mocked him, The Word sustained him.


D.   When the sins of others horrified him, The Word of God comforted him (vv. 52-53).


E.  When his pilgrimage took him through many turns and changes, The Word of God gave him joy (v. 54).


F.  When darkness engulfed him, The Word gave him light (v. 55).

          “There is no night light like The Word enlightening and enlivening the heart.” Spurgeon.


III.  Where Do You Find Comfort?


Here is a test of our true character.


A.  The worldling finds His Comfort in His Possessions (Lk. 12:29).


B.  The Religionist, the Mere Superstitious Person, finds His Comfort In -

·        Feelings.

·        Dreams

·        Visions

·        Amens.


C.  The Rebel Finds His Comfort in Riotousness and Revellings.

·        Drunkenness.

·        Partying.

·        Lasciviousness.

·        Dope.


D.  Others turn to Their Fellow Mortals For Comfort (Jer. 17:5).


E.  The Believer Finds His Comfort in The Word of God.

Illustration: When Benjamin Parsons lay dying, his pastor came to visit him. He said, “How are you today, sir.” Mr. Parsons answered – “My head is resting sweetly on three pillows – infinite power, infinite love, infinite wisdom!”




1.     Soon our trials will be over – (Rev. 21:3-4).

2.     In the meantime, find your comfort in the Word of God.


Rest your aching head on these three pillows.

·        Infinite Power!

·        Infinite Love!

·        Infinite Wisdom!