The Importance Of The Lordís Table


ďAs often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show the Lordís death till he come.ĒICor. 11:26


It causes me great concern that so many of the Lordís people absent themselves from the ordinance of the Lordís Supper. I think that some remarks concerning this sacred privilege might be helpful to us all.


The Purpose For Observing The Lordís Supper IS That We Might Show The Lordís Death. The Lord Jesus Christ instituted the ordinance of Communion just before his death. It is a symbolic representation of the sufferings and death of our Redeemer in our place. By breaking the bread and drinking the wine, we are reminded of our need of a Substitute, by reason of sin. And we are reminded of Godís great love to us in sacrificing his Son in our stead.


The Lordís Supper Is a Means Of Sanctification Which Every True Believer Should Observe. Regrettably many of Godís children have been taught to fear coming to the Lordís table. You do not show your reverence for the ordinance by not taking it. Our worthiness to take the supper is not in ourselves, but in Christ. We come, not with perfection, but with faith. By eating and drinking, we show our confidence in the Saviorís finished work to make us accepted in the sight of God. There is no time when a believer is more fully made aware of his sin and his utter dependence upon the redeeming work of Christ than at the Lordís table. No unbeliever, who fails to discern the value of our Lordís incarnation and death should come to the Lordís table, but every true believer should.


The Lordís Supper Is To Be Observed Often. We need to be frequently reminded of our Saviorís loving sacrifice for such wretched sinners as we are ďtill He come.Ē

Don Fortner