A Willing Heart    

1 Cor. 8:12


A WILLING HEART is what God requires from all who serve him in any capacity (II Cor. 8:12). Most people do what they do in the name of God grudgingly,out of necessity, because they fear the wrath of God, or because they are seeking to earn "rewards" from God, or because they would be embarrassed not to keep up the appearances of religious activity. All such religious service and activity is an abomination to God! Read Luke 16:15. I urge you, do not add to your eternal misery by going through the motions of religious activity, pretending to do service to God, but despising the very thing you do. If you do not want to come to the house of God for worship, don't come! If you do not want to give, don't give! If you do not want to minister to the needs of God's saints, don't do it! God's people serve him willingly, with glad hearts, and count it their highest privilege to do so! Honestly examine the attitude of your heart in the service of Christ and you will know the condition of your heart before God. The grace of God experienced in the heart makes men and women truly gracious. If your religion does not make your heart willing in the service of God, your religion is a sham, a show of hypocrisy, nothing more!



Don Fortner