"THE TIME IS SHORT!"           I Corinthians 7:29

Do you see the urgent tone of Paul's language? Concerning all the questions the Corinthians might ask about a man's behavior in the various relations of life, he declines to give specific rules. But here he speaks positively - "The time is short:"

1.   Be Aware, Dear Friends, Of The Brevity Of Time.

The time that we have to live in this world is short. The time for our soul's salvation is short. The time for serving Christ is short. The time of our suffering is short.

2.   Knowing The Brevity Of Time, Let Us Be Free From The Entanglements Of The World.

We must be free from the dearest objects we have in this world. Marriage is honorable in all. Husbands ought to love their wives. And wives ought to reverence their husbands. But we must not allow marriage to become idolatry. We must love Christ supremely, and serve him as though we were not married. We must be free from the sorrows of this world. We do weep. But we must weep as though we wept not. Our weeping will soon be over. We must be free from the enjoyments of this world. Rejoice and live rejoicingly. But do not build your joy upon this world. We must be free from the possessions of this world. All that you have will soon be gone. Don't let it get a hold upon you.

3.   The Reason For This Admonition Is Clear, Everything

In This World Is Passing Away And Coming To An End.

"The fashion of this world passeth away." Do you see your houses and barns? They shall soon burn. Those riches will rapidly fade away. That dear family will soon die. Brethren, count nothing dearer now than you will in eternity.

4.   What Must We Do In The Time We Have?

Let us be "redeeming the time, for the days are evil." Buy up every opportunity for Christ's glory. Buy up every opportunity to worship and serve him. Let us live in time as men whose hearts are fixed upon eternity.