1co 06v19 Ye Are Not Your Own




I Corinthians 6:19


Believer, since God chose you, redeemed you, and saved you, you belong to him. By your own profession of faith, you have willingly, voluntarily given yourself up to the claims of Christ. You belong to him.


BECAUSE YOU BELONG TO CHRIST, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR AND EVERYTHING TO GIVE YOU COMFORT. You are a child of God, an heir of God, and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ (I John 3:1; Rom. 8:17). You are not your own PROVIDER. It is a father's responsibility to provide for his children; and your heavenly Father does provide for his own (Matt. 6:31-34). You are not your own GUIDE. It is the responsibility of the shepherd to guide his sheep; and the Lord who is your Shepherd guides his sheep through this world (Psa. 23:1-6; 37: 23-24). You are not your own PROTECTOR. It is the King's responsibility to protect his people, the husband's responsibility to protect his wife; and Christ who is your Husband and King protects his own with sovereign power (Isa. 43:1-5).


BECAUSE YOU HAVE WILLINGLY GIVEN YOURSELF TO CHRIST AS A VOLUNTARY BONDSLAVE, YOU ARE TO BE COMPLETELY UNDER HIS DOMINION (Luke 14:25-33). Being the bondslave of Christ, you must not follow your own will, serve your own interests, or lend your service to another. A bondslave has no property, no rights, and no time of his own. He should have no will of his own. He has voluntarily resigned himself and all that he has to his Master. "Ye are not your own."


BECAUSE YOU BELONG TO GOD, YOU HAVE NO LEGITIMATE CONCERN IN THIS WORLD BUT TO GLORIFY HIM. Your heart's only desire should be, "Father, glorify thy name" (John 12:28). You have no right to serve any cause in this world, except the glory of God your Savior. Everything you are, everything you own, everything you control, every relationship of your life must be made subservient to the glory of God. Our flesh rebels against this complete subjection to God. We can never give the kind of allegiance to God that we desire in this world. But this is what we must strive after - commitment, complete consecration of our beings to the glory of our God.