1co 03v21 All Things Are Yours



"ALL THINGS ARE YOURS!" I Corinthians 3:21

We rejoice in the fact that all the blessings of the covenant are sealed to us by the redeeming blood of Christ. Since God has reconciled us to himself, while we were yet enemies, through the sacrifice of his Son, we are confident that he will freely give us all things in Christ.

††††††††††††††† This promise gives us confidence in our pilgrimage here upon the earth. And it fills our hearts with joyful anticipation with regard to heaven. Children of God, this is our promise for all of eternity - "All things are yours." I read of no secondary joys in heaven. There are no back settlements in the heavenly Canaan. There are no second class citizens in the Heavenly Jerusalem. Whoever invented the doctrine of degrees in heaven knew nothing of free-grace. There is as much foundation for such a doctrine in Scripture as there is for the Romish doctrine of purgatory, and no more. All the saints shall see the Saviorís face. What more can any child of God desire? The dying thief went with Christ to paradise, and so did Paul. Their inheritance and reward is the same. They are "forever with the Lord."

††††††††††††††† Brethren, heaven, in all its fulness, is altogether the reward of grace, and not of debt. All the people of God are loved with the same love, perfectly. There are no degrees in God's perfect love. They were all chosen in Christ at the same time, and elected to the same glory. All the blessings of the covenant were given to us in Christ Jesus before the world began. All the promises of God in Christ Jesus are Yea and Amen to all the elect. We are all redeemed with the same price, the precious blood of Christ. And by that blood, the Lord has blotted out all our transgressions, iniquities, and sins; so that he has promised never to remember them against us anymore forever. In Christ we are all perfectly justified and made righteous. We are made the very righteousness of God in him, and we are all the sons of God by eternal adoption and faith in Christ. All the saints of God are made kings and priests unto the Lord. Beloved, our only grounds of acceptance before God is Christ. We shall be like him, without spot or wrinkle, perfect in righteousness and glory. Can there be any degrees in perfect glory? Certainly not! This is the promise given to those who believe, both for time and eternity - "ALL THINGS ARE YOURS!"