"We Have The Mind Of Christ"       

I Corinthians 2:16


     Paul tells us plainly that the natural man understands nothing of God's word,work,or ways. He also tells us that every believer has the mind of Christ. That is to say,"The believer sees things as Christ sees them." God's children in this world do not see things as clearly as Christ does, but they see things in the same way, in the same perspective, with the same atti- tude as Christ. In Matthew 11:20-28, we see the mind of Christ displayed in three suggestive directions.

     1. TOWARD THE WILFULLY IMPENITENT - "Woe unto thee" (v. 21). What privileges these people enjoyed! The Son of God himself lived among them, preached in their churches, and performed miracles in their streets! Yet, they despised his grace, rejected his gospel and would not believe him! Therefore, he said, "Woe unto thee!" And every believer's heart is in full agreement with Christ. If you, having heard the gospel of Christ and seen his works in others, yet refuse to believe, you will be forever damned. And your damnation will be just.

     2. TOWARD THE PURPOSE OF GOD - "I thank thee" (v. 25). Here our Savior thanks God for performing his own sovereign, eternal purpose. He thanked the Father for hiding the gospel from some and for revealing it to others, according to his own will. Like Christ, every believer rejoices in God's sovereignty. The purpose of God is often painful to our flesh and contrary to our purposes. But it is always pleasant to our hearts and agreeable to our wills. Our inmost prayer and desire before God is, "Thy will be done."

     3. TOWARD GUILTY, HEAVY-LADEN SINNERS - "Come unto me" (v. 28). Christ is the sinner's Friend. And God's people are too. He is compassionate toward sinners. And God's people are too. He invites those who "labor," trying to earn rest by their works, to come to him for rest.He invites those who are "heavy-laden,"staggering, hopelessly and helplessly, under the weight of sin, to come to him to find rest for their souls. And he promises rest to all who come to him, to all who trust him. Are you laboring for acceptance with God? Cease from your works. Come to Christ. And find rest in his finished work. Are you heavy-laden with sin, despairing of life? Come to Christ. Trust him who bore our sins in his own body on the tree. And find rest for you soul.


Don Fortner