1co 01v23 We Preach Christ


WE PREACH CHRIST!"   I Corinthians 1:23


So far as I am concerned, and so far as the ministry of this church is concerned, these three words are much more than a quaint slogan to put on our church stationary. "We preach Christ!" That tells it all. We have no other goals, no other ambitions, no other programs, and no other purpose for our existence as a church than this - "We preach Christ!" Christ is not the occasional theme of song and sermon. Christ is the only theme! To preach Christ is to preach the whole counsel of God. Christ is the fulfillment of all prophecy, the substance of all types, the end of the law, the motive for all obedience, the foundation of all relationships, the embodiment of all truth, and the source of all blessedness. I try with all my might, by the Spirit of God, to preach Christ, nothing but Christ, and the whole Christ every time I stand to preach. I make no apology for doing so.

With Christ as my one and only subject, I have a message from God that will, if it is blessed of God's Spirit, meet the needs of all who hear me. Christ is PARDON to the guilty, CLOTHING to the naked, REST to the weary, WATER to the thirsty, BREAD to the hungry, RANSOM to the slave, LIBERTY to the bondmen, CLEANSING to the defiled, RIGHTEOUSNESS to the sinful, and PEACE to the troubled. To the sick, I preach Christ our HEALER; to the sorrowful, Christ our COMFORTER; to the tempted, Christ our INTERCESSOR; to the fallen, Christ our ADVOCATE; to the weak, Christ our STRENGTH; to the despairing, Christ our HOPE; to the lonely, Christ our FRIEND; to the afflicted, Christ our HELP; to the trembling, Christ our ROCK; to the faith, Christ our PRESERVER; to the needy, Christ our PROVIDER; to the doubtful, Christ our ANCHOR; to the dying, Christ our LIFE; and to the bereaved, Christ our RESURRECTION. Find me a lost soul; I will preach to him Christ THE WAY. Find me an ignorant man; I will preach to him Christ THE TRUTH. Find me a dead man; I will preach to him Christ THE LIFE.

"We preach Christ!" Nothing else is worth telling. Nothing else is worth hearing.