1co 01v17 Lest The Cross of Christ Should Be Made of None Effect





I Corinthians 1:17


Whenever believers come to consider any doctrine, we should always ask three questions: (1) Is this doctrine plainly stated in the Word of God? (2) Does this doctrine glorify God? (3) Will this doctrine give man room and cause to boast before God? You can be sure of this: ANY DOCTRINE TAUGHT IN THE WORD OF GOD WILL BOTH GLORIFY GOD AND REMOVE ALL GROUND OF BOASTING FROM MAN. God has determined "That no flesh should glory in his presence...That according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord" (I Cor. 1:29-31).

                On that basis alone, the theory of universal redemption, the doctrine which says Christ died for and made an atonement for the sins of all men, as much so for those who perish under the wrath of God as for those who are saved, must be rejected as heresy. This doctrine makes the cross of Christ of non-effect and declares that the determining factor in man's salvation is not the work of Christ but rather the free-will of man! Such a doctrine as this must be exposed and denounced for what it is, the most hideous doctrine that has ever been perpetrated in the world. It is more harmful to the souls of men than any other. It treads under foot the Son of God, counts the blood of the covenant a useless thing, and does despite to the Spirit of grace.

                I know that I am using strong language, but where the souls of men and the glory of God are at stake there is no room for pretty words and accommodating speech. EITHER THE LORD JESUS CHRIST EFFECTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED THE REDEMPTION OF THOSE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE DIED, OR HE FAILED IN HIS WORK! If a building contractor makes s bid and agrees to build a specifically designed building within a certain amount of time for a specified price, but only gets the building 90% complete, he is a failure. The part that he did may look beautiful, but if someone else has to finish the job, the original contractor is a failure. He must hang his head in shameful reproach and forfeit all honor and reward, My friend, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS NO FAILURE! "He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied" (Isa. 53:11).