psa 119v97 O How I Love Thy Law



Psalm 119:97


In the Bible, the word "law" refers to many things. Frequently, as in this text, it refers to the WHOLE REVELATION OF GOD. We love the Word of God as the complete revelation of God to man. We love it all: all its precepts, all its principles, and all its doctrines. There is no aspect of Divine Revelation which we find to be grievous or offensive. Sometimes the word "law" refers to the CEREMONIAL LAW of God. Sometimes the word "law" refers to the CEREMONIAL LAW of God established in the Mosaic dispensation. We love the ceremonial law too, the law of the priesthood, the sacrifices, and the ordinances of the Old Testament, because it typifies the Person and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Often the word "law" refers to the MORAL LAW OF GOD, revealed in the ten commands. This law we greatly love. It demands that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and being. It demands that we love our neighbor as ourselves. Though we cannot                 attain its perfection, we love it and would perfectly obey it if we would. And we love this law, because it is perfectly fulfilled for us by our Substitute, the Lord Jesus Christ.