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Thou Hast dealt well with Thy Servant, O Lord”

Psalm 119:65


Let every redeemed sinner serving God with a willing heart acknowledge the Lord’s unfailing goodness to him. Truly, he has dealt well with all his servants, according to his Word. In addition to the immeasurable riches of his grace to us in Christ, our great God has constantly loaded our days with goodness in providence! He promised, “There shall no evil happen to the just.” And no evil has ever befallen one of God’s elect. Much that we experience appears to be evil at the time. We may, in our unbelief, even look upon it as evil. But God has proved himself faithful. Looking back upon the things we thought were most evil at the time we experienced them, we now can say, “I thank God that happened. I praise him for that experience. By that which I thought was evil, good has come to me; and good has come to a brother here and a sister there.”

            It is good to acknowledge the goodness of our God when we see it; but it is far better and far more honoring to him to acknowledge the goodness of his providence when nothing good can be seen, except by the eye of faith. When I can look up to my Father with tears burning my cheeks and sorrow crushing my heart and say with confident faith, “Thou hast dealt well with thy servant,” then I will have proved the reality of my faith. Whatever my God has done or allowed to be done for me, with me, or to me, he has done me good. The same is true of you. So let us, with glad hearts, acknowledge now what we will acknowledge when all things are set in their true light — “Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O LORD, according unto thy Word.”







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