psa 116v10 I Believed Therefore Have I Spoken






                Many today either deny or refuse to proclaim the great truths and realities of the faith. It has become popular for men in the pulpit to preach smooth things, avoiding as much as possible anything which might cause offence or raise controversy. But I cannot. I have good reason for preaching as I do – “I believed, therefore have I spoken.” To preach what I believe to be false, would be atrocious. To preach what I only think is true, would be idle and vain. But to know the truth and preach it not, would be cowardice, if not downright treason. Woe unto that man who preaches what he does not believe. And woe unto that man who preaches what he does not believe. And woe unto that man who believes what he will not preach! That which I preach with my tongue, I have verified in my inmost soul.

                I believe the Bible to be the very Word of God. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God.” I do not understand all that is written in the Sacred Volume; but I do believe it. It is the Word of God, who cannot lie. Therefore I must faithfully proclaim its doctrines. I do not blush to speak forth the doctrines of the gospel, because I know in my heart they are all true. God is sovereign and holy. Man is sinful, impotent, and condemned. And the only way for a sinful man to be accepted before a holy God is by the righteousness and shed blood of Christ’s. Yes, I do, verily, believe in the efficacy of Christ’s blood atonement and the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit, whereby dead sinners are given eternal life. And I believe in the power of the gospel. All men stand in need of the gospel message. It is the very truth of God. It is God’s pleasure and purpose to save sinners by the preaching of the gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes. Therefore I must preach it.