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“As Far as the East is from the West”

Psalm 103:12


If there were some precise point of distance from the East to the West, it must follow that there is some place where our sins may be found (Psalm 103:12), they are not really taken away, they may yet be found by God and charged to us, Christ is a failure, redemption is a hoax, and the gospel we preach is a delusion.

Rejoice, O my soul, rejoice! — There is no place where my sins are found. The Lord Jesus Christ purged them, removed them, took them all away. Children of God, rejoice! — Your Savior’s precious blood washed away our sins. Jehovah has cast them behind his back. He who knows all things and forgets nothing has forgotten them forever. And in that great day when he searches the books, they shall not be found (Jeremiah 50:20).







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