Psalm 93:5


Our faith is not based upon the speculations of men, but upon the testimonies of the eternal God. And the Psalmist tells us that they are "very sure." But how do we know that Godís Word and the Testimony of his mouth is sure? This blessed hymn tells us. The Word of God is sure, because God reigns in glorious sovereignty: It is only because God is sovereign that his Word is sure. If I did not believe that God is perfectly and absolutely sovereign, I could have no faith in his Word. But knowing that God is both sovereign and true, I know that every testimony of his is sure.


1.Every Prophecy of God's Word is Sure.

The sovereign God can predict all things with perfect accuracy, because he controls all things. He knows all things, because he ordained all things.


2. Every Promise of God's Word is Sure.

There shall not fail one promise which God has made for his people in Christ. The promises of God to his Son are sure. The promises of God to sinners in the gospel are sure. The promises of God in the covenant are sure, because God is true so that he cannot lie, and because he has sovereign power to perform all his Word.


3.Every Threat of God's Word is Sure.

Every transgressor shall be punished. You will either bow before Christ, trusting him as your only and all-sufficient Substitute, having died in him at Calvary, or you will die eternally in hell. Blessed be God, every believer shall be saved, because his Word is sure. And every, rebel soul that believes not shall be damned, because his Word is sure.