Here are two covenant blessings which filled David's heart with confident joy in the midst of his deepest distress. They are sure to all the chosen seed. As God is full of grace and glory, he delights to give them to his people. THE LORD WILL GIVE GRACE-He will give grace to all his chosen ones. He will give grace to every soul that was redeemed by the blood of Christ. He will give grace to every soul that repents of his sins and believes the gospel. All saving grace comes from our God. All sanctifying grace is the gift of God. All persevering grace comes to us from our God. He has promised it in the covenant; and he will give it. But let us ever remember that he gives his grace through Jesus Christ, the Mediator of the covenant. THE LORD WILL GIVE GLORY-The two always go together. They cannot be separated. The Lord never gives glory where he has not first given grace. And the Lord never gives grace without also giving glory. Glory is the flower of grace. He will give us all the glory of heaven, all the glory of perfection, all the glory of Christ, all the glory of holiness, all the glory of eternity. There is the promise, "The Lord will    give grace and glory". Expand it as broadly as you can. All the grace you need and all the glory you want, God will give through Jesus Christ. This is the gift of God - ETERNAL LIFE-GRACE AND GLORY.

Don Fortner