"The Lord Will Give Grace And Glory"  

Psalm 84:11


     Grace and glory are inseparable gifts of God to his elect. Indeed, they are the same thing, given in different degrees. Grace is glory in the seed. Glory is grace in full bloom. Glory begins with grace. And grace is completed with glory. Both are free gifts of God. Neither grace nor glory can be earned, merited, or purchased by man. God cannot be obliged to bestow either grace or glory. He freely gives both to his elect in Christ.

     "THE LORD WILL GIVE GRACE." How we love that word, "grace." Grace is God's Riches At Christ's Expense. Grace is the unmerited favor of God to sinners who deserve his wrath. To whom will the Lord give grace? He will give grace to all his elect (Rom. 9:15-16), to all who have been redeemed by Christ (II Cor. 5:21), to every sinner who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 10:9-13).

     What is this grace which God promises to give? It is regenerating grace (Eph. 2:1-5), convincing, convicting, converting grace (John 16:7-11), justifying grace (Rom. 3:24),sanctifying grace (Heb. 10:10-14), preserving grace (Phil.1:6),instructing grace (John 16:13),directing grace (Prov. 3:5-6), comforting grace (John 14:18), reviving grace (Isa. 57:15), and sufficient grace (II Cor. 12:9).

     How does God give grace? He gives grace to sinners mediatorially through Christ (Eph. 1:3) and by the use of his appointed means (Jer. 29:13-14), by prayer, the ministry of the Word, and the ordinances of public worship. And God gives grace through faith. I know that no one can believe unless he has grace. But I also know that none can have grace unless he believes.

     Read the promise as broadly as your needs require. It is addressed to every child of God. "The Lord will give grace" to serve him, to walk with him, to suffer for him, to live for him, and to die in him.

     And "THE LORD WILL GIVE GLORY." If we have grace we shall have glory too. God will not give one without the other. Grace is the bud. Glory is the flower. Grace is the fountain. Glory is the overflowing river. Grace is the firstfruit. Glory is the full harvest. The Lord will give his elect all the fulness of glory freely, all the glory of heaven and eternity, all the glory of perfect holiness,the glory of total victory,the glory of complete conformity to Christ, yea, all the glory of Christ himself, with whom we are one (John 17:22; Rom. 8:17)!


Don Fortner