The Banner of Truth

Psalm 60:4


In times of peace and plenty foolish men fight among themselves. In time of war they gather as one around one banner and are prepared to lay down their lives in one great cause. Two soldiers in a foxhole have no interest in one another's race, social standing, political preferences, or material wealth. Their lives are at stake! Their country is at stake! For the sake of greater concerns, they put aside all lesser concerns.

Shall we not do the same? How sad it is to see men and women who profess to be the children of God and claim to seek the glory of Christ squabbling over petty, personal lusts! The time has come for men and women who are called of God to quit insisting on everyone conforming to their whims! How sad it is to see preachers and churches squabbling about religious trivia, while the blood of Christ is trampled in the streets! We have a warfare to wage. The souls of men, the truth of God and the glory of Christ are at stake. For the sake of this one great concern, let us put aside all lesser concerns.

I raise the ensign before you. Our banner is the cross of Christ, the glorious gospel doctrine of substitutionary atonement, the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified. I call for all who love Christ and the gospel of the free grace of God in him to rally around this banner. Let us count as our friends all who rally around this banner, and count them to be our enemies who oppose it.





Don Fortner



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