psa 31v20 The Pride Of Man




Psalm 31:20


Of all the evils that reside in and arise from the human heart, pride is the most abominable. Pride is the ugliest monster that dwells in the dark den of our hearts. PRIDE IS THE ROOT OF ALL SIN. It was pride that destroyed Lucifer. Pride led one third of the heavenly angels in rebellion against the throne of God. Pride inspired Adam to steal the fruit of God's tree. Pride but the curse of God upon man, upon the beasts of the field, and upon the earth which God created. And pride made the first son of Adam a murderer. Compared with pride all the other evil passions of our hearts are easy to control. A man may control his sensual lusts, otherwise all men would be rapists. He may control his covetousness, otherwise all would be thieves and murderers. He may even control his envy, otherwise we would all be at each other's throats all the time. But where is the man who can control his pride? There is nothing we detest in others so much as pride. Yet, pride is the most persistent evil of our own hearts. And nothing could be more inconsistent than "the pride of man".

                As pride is the root of all sin, PRIDE IS THE ROOT OF ALL HERESY too. Men utter false doctrine because they are unwilling to bow to the revelation of God. Man thinks his own judgment, reason, or opinion is superior to the Word of God. Just recently, I heard Jimmy Swaggart say, "God limited his omniscience and omnipotence, so that man could be free. God chose to limit himself rather than interfere with man's free-will." What would make a man say such a thing? Pride! Pride is the root of Armenian freewillism. The religion of this world, be it papacy or protestanism, liberalism or conservatism, fundamentalism or atheism, is all one religion. Its doctrine is the dignity, the supremacy, and the goodness of man. It makes man his own teacher, his own ruler, his own savior, and his own god. And man eats it up, because man is proud. He delights to hear that God is limited and he is free. Proud man delights in hearing that God's power, knowledge, grace, and wrath are all dependent upon him. I solemnly warn you: Beware of any doctrine that promotes human pride. "Pride goeth before destruction."