Why Do We Have Such Limited Means And Opportunities Of

Doing Good For The Cause Of Christ?

Psalm 24:1

Don Fortner


     How many faithful pastors and churches struggle week by week, just to maintain a gospel witness in their place? How many of God's children find that they have enough for food, clothing and shelter, but are (needlessly) embarassed because they have little to give to the cause of Christ, for the good of others and the furtherance of the gospel? How often have we said, "If I had more I would do more, if I were rich I would do this or that for the cause of Christ"? The Arminian peddlers of free-will and works seem to have no lack of funds. The enemies of God and of men's souls appear to flourish with wealth. Never mind how they get it, they have it. The more perverted religion is, the more readily it is supplied with funds to ruin men's souls. And the ungodly seem to prosper everywhere. Why then do true believers and faithful churches often have such limited means and opportunities of doing good for the cause of Christ? Certainly, there is no lack of ability in our God to supply these things. The reasons for our limitations are:


(1). THE LORD KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL USE FOR HIS GLORY, AND WISELY SUPPLIES US ACCORDINGLY. If we could be trusted with more, we would have more. Look over your own accounts. How much of my time, talents, property and money do I now use for the glory of God? Let each one answer for himself. If we are honest, we will know the cause of our limitations. Were we faithful stewards over a little, the Lord might trust us with more. If we are faithful with what God has given us, our limitations must be for another reason.


(2). IT IS NOT GOD'S WILL AT PRESENT FOR US TO DO WHAT WE DESIRE TO DO FOR CHRIST AND THE FURTHERANCE OF THE GOSPEL. Paul wanted to go into Bithymia to preach the gospel, but it was not the Lord's will. Therefore, no door was open. He quietly submitted to God's will. But he did not do nothing because God kept him from doing what he wanted to do. He sought the will of God still and deligently gave himself to the work God put in his hands. Let us do the same!