Thou Hast Made Him Most Blessed Forever.”             

Psalm 21:6

This text could be translated: “Thou hast made him most blessed forever,” or “Thou hast made him a blessing forever,” or “Thou hast made him blessedness forever.” Either way, it is describing the glorious blessedness of Christ as our Savior. He is the most blessed forever! He is a blessing forever! And he is blessedness forever! Our most glorious Lord Jesus Christ is all the blessedness of all his people forever! He is our satisfaction now; and he shall be our satisfaction forever.

Let me find nothing satisfying until I find Christ in it. This I know – Nothing can be dissatisfying, no matter how unpleasant and painful it is in itself, if I can see Christ in it. A conscious awareness of his presence sweetens every natural, earthly bitterness. The love-tokens of his favor heighten every joy. The sweet savor of his blessed name is as ointment poured forth, a spikenard very precious, to perfume the lives of all who trust him. May God be pleased to make Christ all blessedness to you and to me forever.

Don Fortner