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Prevenient Grace — Preparatory Grace


ŇThou preventest him with the blessings of goodness.Ó (Psalm 21:3)


The Lord God precedes the entrance of Christ into the hearts of chosen, redeemed sinners with unknown, secret works of goodness. Prevenient grace is preparatory grace. It is that grace that prepares the chosen, redeemed sinner to receive GodŐs saving grace. By prevenient grace, and then by the inward, secret work of God the Holy Spirit in the heart, God makes the heart of his chosen good soil to receive the Word sown (Matthew 13:3-9).

Sweet, indescribably sweet is that work of GodŐs providence and grace that precedes his grace, prepares the way for his grace, and brings his grace! Just ask any who have experienced it. How Bartimaeus must rejoice in his God-sent blindness that put him in the SaviorŐs path, who brought seeing to his eyes and light to his soul! That woman with an issue of blood for twelve long, miserable years today gives glory and praise to the God of all grace who bowed her body that he might bow her heart. I cannot begin to imagine the praises of that once wild, Gadarene demoniac who now walks the streets of the City of God telling how thankful he is that he once walked in darkness among the dead, possessed of devils, that he might know the liberty of light, and righteousness, and grace in Christ. I can almost see that poor woman taken in adultery in Glory Land. How her face must beam with gratitude, joy, love, and praise, as she worships the God of all grace who brought her to the Savior by her being taken in adultery! See, yonder, the dying thief today with Christ in Paradise! How he must be overwhelmed with the goodness of God that preceded the grace he experienced when he was crucified with his Redeemer on CalvaryŐs hill! It was the goodness of God in prevenient grace coming before that brought him to be judged, condemned, and crucified, that he might have the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in him as they hung together upon Calvary!







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