Public Worship More Important Than Private Worship

Psalm 5:7 


       Let all who know and trust the living God worship him daily. Let all who follow Christ in the path of faith follow him also in the solitary place of private prayer. Let every priest of God offer the daily sacrifices of prayer and praise to the Lord. But there is something more important than private worship. The most important aspect of every believer's life is the public worship of God in the assembly of the saints. I know that statement is contrary to the popular opinion of religious people. But is it consistent with the Word of God and the experience of God's people? Here are five facts which demonstrate that it is.

 1. GOD MEETS WITH SINNERS IN SAVING MERCY IN THE ASSEMBLY OF HIS SAINTS FOR WORSHIP  (Acts 2:1, 37-41). Generally God saves his sheep in the place of public worship, where the gospel is preached. Sinners in need of mercy should seek mercy where it is always found. And mercy is always found in the house of God.

 2. THE PUBLIC ASSEMBLY OF THE CHURCH IS THE GATHERING OF THE FAMILY OF GOD  (Eph. 3:15). Every true local church is a family of saved sinners. And family members need each other, comfort each other, and help each other, because they love each other.

 3. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST MEETS WITH HIS PEOPLE WHEN THEY ASSEMBLE IN HIS NAME  (Matt. 18:20). Like Simeon of old, God's people come together seeking Christ. And they always find him in the house of God, the assembly of those who worship him.

 4. THE ASSEMBLED CONGREGATION OF THE LORD IS THE PLACE WHERE GOD DEALS WITH MEN.  Each local congregation of believers is the house and temple of God (I Tim. 3:15; I Cor. 3:16-17). God reveals his will, gives out his Word, shows his glory, instructs his people, and bestows his blessings in his temple.

 5. THE NEGLECT OF PUBLIC WORSHIP IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARD TOTAL APOSTACY  (Heb. 10:23-31). Those who wilfully neglect the assembly of God's saints, though they may be thoroughly orthodox in doctrine, tread under foot the Son of God, count the blood of the covenant a useless thing, and despise the Spirit of grace. Their forsaking of public worship is proof that they never knew Christ (I John 2:19).


Don Fortner