Don Fortner

(Tune: Depth of Mercy #233 – 77.77)


Saved! Iím saved by grace alone, Through the blood of Godís dear Son!

†††††† Saved from hellish misery, And from Satanís tyranny.



Saved from the lawís oppressive yoke, And from its condemning stroke.

†††††† Saved to serve my lusts no more. Saved from my sinís reigning powír.



Saved! I cannot be condemned! Since Godís Son, the sinnerís Friend,

†††††† All Godís wrath and justice bore, Me to save for evermore.



Saved! Iíll see my Saviorís face! Kept by Godís unfailing grace,

†††††† Oíer my foes Iíll victor be. I am saved eternally!