Don Fortner


(Tune: Jesus, and Shall It Ever Be?  #400 LM)


Redeemed from guilt, redeemed from sin,

The blood of Christ has made me clean!

Faultless before my God I stand!

Redeemed, I cannot be condemned!


Redeemed by Christ, my Substitute,

To Him my sins God did impute;

For me He was made to be sin,

And God made me righteous in Him.


Redeemed by blood and called by grace,

I live in hope of heav'nly bliss;

Complete in Christ alone, I stand

Secure in His almighty hand!


Redeemed! On the great judgment day

I'll look to Jesus Christ and say,

"My only hope, my only plea

Is that You lived and died for me."


Redeemed! I'll hear my Savior say,

"Well done, My child, come dwell with Me!

Come, sit with Me upon My throne;

Show wond'ring worlds what I have done!"