Don Fortner


(Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer   #361 LMD)


"I will love them freely," our God

From everlasting has declared;

He chose to save us, (wondrous grace!),

And in the covenant this He sware:

"I will forgive their many sins,

I will make them righteous, and then,

Though they are weak and often fall,

I will preserve them to the end!"


Freely we're justified by grace

Through Jesus' sin-atoning blood!

Our debt is paid! Our sins are gone!

We're reconciled by blood to God!

Without our works, we're saved by grace,

Eternal, free, and sov'reign grace!

The work is God's and God's alone;

To God alone we give our praise!


Freely Christ gives to thirsty souls

The fountain of water of life!

Take, thirsty soul, salvation's cup!

By faith drink the water of life,

Freely receive the grace of God,

And bathe your soul in Jesus' blood!

If by His grace you now believe

Freely you too are loved of God!