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Sinners, Come to Christ BelievingDon Fortner

(Tune: Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken #185 — 87.87.D)

1.     Sinners, come to Christ believing;

He alone can save the lost.

He is able, He is willing,

Christ saves to the uttermost!

Without Jesus, you will perish,

You will suffer endless death;

Tremble now, offended justice,

Seeks to slay the child of wrath!


2.     Yet, behold, the way is open!

See the Refuge for the lost —

Christ, with His own blood in heaven,

Pleads the merits of His cross:

“Father, here’s the price of ransom,

See the merits of My blood.

You can justly now forgive them

Who, believing, come to God.”


3.     Come to God and sue for mercy

Through the merits of His Son;

Never has a sinner guilty

Not his suit for mercy won!

God the Father will receive you

Through the blood of Christ His Son,

As the Holy Spirit draws you,

Come to Christ, O sinner, come!




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