Sing, Rejoice, Admire and Wonder Don Fortner

(Tune: # 2 Love Divine 87.87.D)


1.        Sing, rejoice, admire and wonder, Christ, the Son of God, adore!

He has silenced Sinai's thunder by His precious blood outpoured!

Sing, though Satan, roaring, tempts you, though you're weak and full of sin;

Since Christ Jesus has redeemed you God has blotted out your sin!


2.        Sing, rejoice in your salvation by the Spirit's mighty call!

Faith is proof of your election; God has saved you from the fall!

Sing, for who can now condemn you? Who can charge you now with sin?

It is God who justifies you! Christ has washed away your sin!


3.        Sing, for you shall never perish, kept secure by God's own hand!

God His own will ever cherish. None can tear you from His hand!

Sing, for you shall heaven inherit, saved by sovereign grace alone;

Not by your free-will, or merit, but by sovereign grace alone!