Sing Out Jehovahís Praise


Don Fortner


(Tune: All Hail The Power of Jesusí Name #42CM)


Sinners redeemed by Jesusí blood

††† Sing out Jehovahís praise:

††† Sing out in joyful praise to God,

††† ďWeíre saved by sovíreign grace!Ē



Chosen by grace, destined to be

††† Conformed to Christ, Godís Son,

††† Our place in heavín, by Godís decree,

††† Was fixed ere time begun.



God kept our rebel souls in time

††† Until that blessed day

††† When God the Spirit (Love sublime!)

††† Called us into the Way.



He showed us Christ the Door, and more,

††† He gently forced us in!

††† Our wills He conquered by His power

††† And gently forced us in!