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See, My Soul, GodŐs Chosen Rising Don Fortner

(Tune: #17 — Come Thou Fount — 87.87.87)


1.    See, my soul, GodŐs chosen rising

From the ruins of AdamŐs race,

(ÔMidst proud sinners, grace despising),

Saved by free and sovŐreign grace!

Blessed Church, GodŐs Holy Temple,

Here Jehovah shows His face!


2.    In eternal love predestined,

Built on GodŐs Foundation Stone,

Blessed of God with every blessing,

Freed from sin, by blood atoned!

Blessed Church, GodŐs Holy Nation,

Washed in JesusŐ precious blood!


3.    Christ our Ark, our Priest, our Altar,

Sacrifice, and Holiness,

Acceptance with God, our Father —

All that God requires He is!

Blessed Church, GodŐs Holy City,

People wondered at they are!


4.    Oh, my soul! Am I united

To the Body of the Lord?

Then, God is with me delighted,

For IŐm one with Christ, my Lord!

Blessed Church, ChristŐs ransomed Body,

Glory, glory in the Lord!








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