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See, My Soul, Salvation Flowing — Don Fortner

(Tune: #145 — Hail! Thou Once Despised Jesus! — 87.87.87)


  1. See, my soul, salvation flowing from JehovahÕs covÕnant love;

Pardon, peace, and life bestowing, in abundance from above.

Guilty sinners, guilty sinners, here His promisÕd mercies prove.


  1. Jesus Christ has undertaken to redeem the chosen race;

And His love could not be shaken, when He sufferÕd in our place!

He is faithful, He is faithful to the objects of His grace.


  1. While we celebrate His dying, we rejoice to know He lives! —

Lives to hear poor sinners crying for the grace He freely gives!

His atonement, His atonement every ransomed soul revives!


  1. His rich blood the Spirit sprinkles on the sin-polluted soul,

Leaving neither spot nor wrinkle; making wretched sinners whole!

Jesus sufferÕd, Jesus sufferÕd; and His suffÕrings make us whole!


  1. HeÕs no more a victim bleeding, but exalted on His throne;

Ever living, interceding, waiting to receive His own.

All He ransomed, All He ransomed, shall be jewels in his crown!







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