Savior, Save Me from MyselfDon Fortner

(Tune: #233 —Depth of Mercy — 77.77 )


1.    God of grace, Your chosen keep,

Hold secure Your helpless sheep.

Safe within the Shepherd’s fold,

Keep my straying, fickle soul.


2.    Savior, keep me near Your side,

Hidden in the crucified;

Keep me from a world of sin;

Save me from my foes within!


3.    Lay me low before Your feet;

Break my pride and self-conceit;

Crush the raging pow’rs hell,

Savior, save me from myself!


4.    Prone to every lust obscene,

I confess to You my sin.

Bathe me, Savior, in Your blood,

Keep my heart for You my God!




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