Savior, Hold Your Feeble Sheep Don Fortner

(Tune: #179 Holy Bible, Book Divine 77.77)

  1. Father, helpless children keep! Savior, hold Your feeble sheep!

Hold us fast, great Shepherd hold, Helpless lambs, within Your fold!

  1. Blessed Savior, crucified, Keep us near Your wounded side.

We are ever prone to stray. Hold our hearts and make us stay!

  1. Lay us humbly at Your feet. Break our pride and self-conceit!

Make us all our vileness know! By Your Spirit, lay us low.

  1. Guard us from a world of sin And our countless lusts within,

Save us from the fiends of hell! Save, oh, save us from ourselves!

  1. Oh defend Your purchased sheep, Shepherd, for Your glory keep!

Keep us safe, and safe we stand. None can rend us from Your hand!