Savior, Hear My SupplicationDon Fortner

(Tune: Praise The Lord! Ye Heavens Adore Him #29 87.87.D)


Savior, hear my supplication, as I bow before Your throne,

Hear my sad, heartfelt confession—I'm a sinner, lost, undone!

Though God's law justly condemns me, though I have no righteousness,

If You will, Lord, You can save me, By Your mighty, sovereign grace.


Here I am, a helpless sinner, trusting Your free grace alone.

Be to me the great Redeemer. Tell me that my sins are gone.

Say to me, "I'm thy Salvation." Speak to me those words of peace.

Exercise Your great dominion. Let me live to show Your praise.


My soul, hear the word of mercy, coming from the throne of God -

"I will keep for Him my mercy, I will be to you a God!"

Jesus' blood is speaking pardon at the mercy-seat of God;

And I know I am forgiven, trusting Jesus Christ the Lord!