Saving, Covenant Love — Don Fortner

(Tune: # 46 — O For A Thousand Tongues — CM )


1.    Awake, my soul, and join the song,

Sung by GodÕs saints above.

No theme so well employs the tongue,

As saving, covÕnant love.


2.    When oÕer His wondÕrous works of grace,

Revealed by God I rove,

I see the worst of AdamÕs race

Are saved by covÕnant love.


3.    My SuretyÕs work, my FatherÕs word,

Forever firm shall prove;

The SpiritÕs gifts, (O blessed Lord!)

Sweet proofs of covÕnant love.


4.    My life and strength, my joy and peace,

My hope of bliss above —

My union with the Prince of Peace,

All flow from covÕnant love.


5.    Here then IÕll live; and here IÕll die!

From here I will not move:

And, when I sit with Christ on high,

IÕll sing of covÕnant love.





Don Fortner



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