Saved by Godís Own Decree ó Don Fortner

(Tune: #39 ó This is My Fatherís World ó SMD)


1.        Saved by Godís own decree,

Before the worlds were made,

Accepted in our Surety,

We were eternally.

The work was fully done

When Christ the Lamb was slain,

When God accepted His dear Son.

His Word to us is plain. ó


2.        Whom He did predestine,

He called and justified,

And whom He called by love divine,

He also glorified!

From hence our comforts flow,

To silence evíry fear.

All things are for our good we know. ó

With this our souls are cheered.


3.        Named by our God as sons,

Redeemed by Jesusí blood,

And by the Holy Spirit born,

We trust Godís purpose good.

The solemn oath of God

Confirms His covínant true,

And giving us faith in Christís blood,

The Spirit seals it, too.


4.        Our God, faithful and true,

With Christ the covínant made,

The covínant stands forever new,

Its glories never fade.

Through trials we must go,

So oft perplexed with fear,

May we by sweet experience know

Our covínant God is near!