Sanctified by the Triune God Don Fortner

(Tune: #17 — Come, Thou Fount — 87.87D)



1.    Sing all saints, beloved and chosen, you for whom the Savior died,

Claim your gifts and praise the Giver. — ŇYe are washed and sanctified

Sanctified by God your Father, and by Jesus Christ His Son,

And by God, the Holy Spirit, by the holy, Three-in-One!


2.    One with Christ, beloved, accepted, righteous made by GodŐs decree,

Sanctified when God accepted us in Christ our Surety!

Sanctified when we with Jesus lived, and died, and rose again!

Sanctified by God the Spirit when by grace weŐre born again!


3.    Holiness is ours in Jesus, not by works that we have done,

But by GodŐs free love and mercy. — Yes, by sovŐreign grace alone!

By His Word, and truth, and promise, by His righteousness and blood,

Holiness in Christ our Savior makes us fit to see our God!


4.    He will sanctify us wholly in the resurrection day.

Blameless at our SaviorŐs coming, body, spirit, soul shall be!

He perfected once forever, by His blood, the sanctified!

Spotless, blameless, guiltless, perfect, is the SaviorŐs ransomed Bride!









Don Fortner



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