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Salvation for a Guilty Race Don Fortner

(Tune: #190 — We Bless the Name of Christ the Lord —LM)



1.    Salvation for a guilty race,

Contrived by wisdom, done by grace;

The gift of God, purchased by blood,

Gives comfort, while it honors God.


2.    God’s just salvation suits my need,

Eternal, just, gracious, and free!

Election and redemption bring

Eternal glory to my King!


3.    Bestowed without money or price,

The poor, the vile may now rejoice, —

Pardon, and life, and grace are free,

To wretches poor and vile as me!


4.    Salvation! What a joyful sound,

The church redeemed and Jesus crowned!

Proclaim it to a fallen race, —

Salvation’s free, the gift of grace!




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