Saints Of God In Tribulation

Don Fortner


(Tune: Come, Thou Fount #17†† 87.87.D)


Saints of God in tribulation, Look to Jesus Christ alone.

††† Heís our Rock and our Salvation. Helper of Godís tempted ones.

††† Jesus! What a mighty Succor! He was tried and tempted too.

††† Troubled soul, look to your Savior, Faithful, strong, and ever true!



In the furnace you were chosen, There to feel your Fatherís rod,

††† Lest through your own heartís corruption You forget the Lord your God.

††† In the furnace Jesus loves you, He sends and controls the fire.

††† When the tempest rages Ďround you, He is with you even there.



For His church, His ransomed treasure, Every trial works for good,

†† Every heartache wisely measured By our loving, gracious God.

†† If He now, in love reproves us And corrects us for our sin,

†† ĎTis our Saviorís plan to make us Sick of self and fond of Him.