Don Fortner


O Lord, my God, in mercy hear

O My soul's most earnest plea,

In everything and everywhere,

Lord, "Show me Thy glory."

Your grace and goodness, Lord, to men,

In all Your sovereignty,

Your jusfice and Your mercy too,

Lord, "Show me Thy glory."


Your pow'r and Your wisdom, Lord,

Your handiwork display-

Creation holds my mind in awe:

Lord, "Show me Thy glory."


In all Your works of providence,

In everything, I see

The hand of my great, sovereign God:

Lord, "Show me Thy glory."


In the cleft of the Rock I stand,

Where mercy has put me:

Now, covered with Your hand, I see,

Lord, I see Your glory.


Yet, still I hope for better sight,

When risen in that day:

Then face to face with Jesus Christ,

Lord, "Show me Thy glory!"


(Tune: According to my Gracious Word)

Common Meter 86.86.