Don Fortner

(Tune: Jesus, And Shall It Ever Be? #400 LM)



Christ Jesus is the sinner's Friend!

He loves His chosen to the end.

He is the Rock in which we hide,

The Refuge safe where we abide!



A sure foundation Stone is He,

In Zion laid by God's decree.

Those who are built and build on Him

Abide secure, whate'er the storm.



He guards His own, and guards them well,

From Satan and the rage of hell!

Christ Jesus is my Rock, my All.

In Him I'm safe, though thousands fall.



Upon my right hand and the left,

I see the plague (eternal death!),

Yet, Jesus is my Refuge sure;

And in Him I abide secure!



Sheltered in Jesus crucified,

And hiding in His wounded side,

My Shepherd holds me in His arms;

And He protects me from all harm!