Don Fortner


Salvation! What a blessed word!

Good news, most pleasing to our ears,

Redemption by our sov'reign Lord-

Almighty grace dispels our fears.

Salvation, now received by faith,

Was fixed by God's most firm decree

And purchased by Christ Jesus' death,

Who by His Spirit set us free.


Though dead and helpless in our sin

Long at the door of hell we lay,

God raised us up by grace divine,

O happy, glorious, blessed day!


Saved by almighty grace alone,

Saved through the blood of Christ the Lamb,

Washed in the blood, our sins are gone!

Christ frees us from all guilt and blame!


Salvation! Sound the word to all!

Proclaim good news to fallen men!

All who on Christ for mercy call,

Shall be forgiven of their sin!


(Tune: From Every Stormy Wind That Blows)

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