Rise, O Sun of RighteousnessDon Fortner

(Tune: Majestic Sweetness #52 CM)


1.    When each new morning sun appears,

To chase the night away,

Its shining rays all nature cheers,

And gladdens all the day.


2.    Thus rise, O Sun of Righteousness,

Arise upon my soul,

With healing in Your wings to bless

And make my spirit whole!


3.    Chilled with the shades of gloomy night,

Darkened with doubts and fears,

Vile unbelief can see no light,

Till Christ my Sun appears!


4.    Celestial Sun, Your light impart;

Bestow some quickÕning ray!

Revive and melt my frozen heart,

And turn my night to day!


5.    Let Your bright beams my soul adorn,

Upon Your garden blow!

And, in the resurrection morn,

Eternal day bestow!





Don Fortner



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