Rejoice, Rejoice, The Lord Has Come ― Don Fortner

(Tune: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear―#90―CMD)


Rejoice, rejoice, the Lord has come,

According to His Word!

Jesus, the son of Mary, is

The mighty Son of God!

Rejoice, for the incarnate God

Can never, never fail!

He must succeed in all His work,

Doing His Father's will!


Did Jesus come to put away

The sins of God's elect?

Then rest assured, believing soul,

He paid in full your debt!

Was it to bring in righteousness

That Christ both lived and died?


In Him we're justified!


Did Jesus come to save His own?

Was that what God decreed?

Then He shall not lose even one

Of all the chosen seed!

Rejoice, rejoice, exalted high,

Christ reigns upon His throne!

The God-man glorified declares,

Salvation's work is done!