Rejoice, My Soul, in Every StateDon Fortner

(Tune: #87 — Joy to the World — CM)


1.    Rejoice, my soul, and know it’s right,

My Father is the King;

And I am precious in His sight,

Of Him and to Him sing!


2.    Rejoice, my soul, for I am blest,

In Jesus’ cov’nant love 

And in Him, with Him, I shall rest,

In endless bliss above!


3.    Rejoice, my soul, in every state,

Defying earth and hell;

Oh, trust His cov’nant love and wait, —

With Jesus I shall dwell!


4.    Rejoice, my soul, and prize your lot,

Though trials must abound;

You Father’s purpose changes not,

And He will have you crowned!








Don Fortner



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