Redemptionís Mystery†††††††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: Take My Life And Let It Be #393†† 77.77)

Grace amazing! Love divine!

††† Who the heights and depths can tell

††† Of Jehovahís great designs

††† To deliver us from hell?


Redemptionís mystíryis this -

††† All my sins on Christ were laid!

††† All my guilt was reckoned His!

††† His death full atonement made!


By Godís grace Iím justified.

††† Freed from sin; yet more than free -

††† Guiltless, since for me He died;

††† Righteous, since He lived for me!


When Jehovahís plan is done,

††† Wondíring worlds shall hear our boast -

††† ďBy free grace in Christ alone,

††† Saved unto the uttermost!Ē