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Redeeming Love Don Fortner

(Tune: #187 — Blest be the Tie —SM)

1.    All ransomed souls unite,

Redeeming love to sing.

Bring forth your praises with delight,

And glorify your King.


2.    Upon our covÕnant Head

Our sins by God were laid.

He sufferÕd for us, groanÕd, and bled,

Our horrid debt to pay!


3.    Upon the curs-ed tree,

The sinnerÕs SurÕty died,

That all His chosen might go free,

Completely justified.


4.    ThereÕs no hand-writing now

Against the blood-bought race.

Before our Priest and King we bow,

And triumph in His grace.


5.    Through all our journey here,

His name shall be our boast;

And when before Him we appear,

WeÕll praise our Savior most.







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