Don Fortner


How blessed we are in this free land

To hear the gospel preached!

How blessed this church of ransomed men,

Whose hearts the light has reached!

The light of truth has made us free

From sin and guilt and fear:

Christ is that Light and all the Truth,

His word we gladly hear.


But many who once had the light,

Are now, in darkness, dead!

The light despised by favored men,

Has from those men now fled.


Be warned, my soul, be warned, my friends,

The gospel is God's gift,

He will remove the gospel's light,

If we despise His gift!


Great God, give us the grace we need

To cherish and obey

The gospel we're so blessed to hear,

And leave us not, we pray.


(Tune: Am I a Soldier of the Cross?)

Common Meter 86.86.