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Proclaim Free Grace the Globe Around Don Fortner

(Tune: #77 — Sun of My Soul — LMD)


1.    Let everlasting glories crown

Our God and Savior, Christ the Lord.

`Tis He Who brought salvation down,

Proclaim throughout the earth His Word.


2.    Proclaim free grace the globe around,

To every tribe in every land!

In Christ alone salvationŐs found,

Salvation wrought by GodŐs own hand!


3.    The blood of Christ alone can give

The guilty, trembling conscience peace;

And guilty sinners made to live

By grace alone give God all praise.


4.    In Christ GodŐs truth and mercy, and

His grace and justice all agree: —

GodŐs just in justifying men

For whom Christ died upon the tree!


5.    How well His blessed truths agree!

How wise and holy His commands!

His promises, how firm they be!

How firm our hope and comfort stands!


6.    Should all the things that men devise

Assault my faith with treach'rous art,

I'd call them vanity and lies,

And bind the gospel to my heart.







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